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Another 2019 party I am just blogging about now. This one was AMAZING. The star was the cake, which Marriam from Flour & Flowers by MK NAILED. I told her I needed the cake to have a working race track going through it, and we worked out the design and she made the magic happen!

This party was a sugar-coated dream for my girls Aria and Vivian, who always share their August birthday bash. It seems like a foreign idea now, being in the middle of the Pandemic, that we had over 80 guests at this party that was in our house and backyard in Plainfield, Illinois. Jennifer Kaye captured the goodness per the usual. Check out all of these Wreck-it-Ralph touches big and small — from the girls’ costumes to the candy go-cart building activity to the Ralph hands/building smash activity–this party had it all! The balloon stairs and balloon collage of candy above the cake were also totally kickass. This party brings me joy now, and brought my girls and all of their friends joy when it was going down! I love planning epic birthdays for my girls (and for my clients as well!)

Thanks to Jennifer Kaye Photography for the photos.

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