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It is hard to decide which of my girls’ parties is my favorite…but the “Camp AriViva” Summer Camp/Camping themed birthday I threw for Aria’s 4th and Vivian’s 1st birthdays is certainly one of my top choices. It was featured on Kara’s Party Ideas which is always a goal and honor for me. I think a huge reason my parties get featured is because of the beautiful professional images that Jennifer Kaye Photography captures at them. Jenny is awesome.

summer camp party

Our Camp Ariviva party (which was named for the birthday girls Aria and Vivian) was like a trip to summer camp for the guests! We chose Blackwell Forest Preserve’s North Shelter as the location for the party because of its proximity to both the lake and the campground. We decorated the shelter with a “Camp Ariviva” banner. Additionally, we had bark-covered containers, moss, rocks, wood slabs, vintage crates, craft paper tablecloths, mini chalkboard signs and chalkboard labels. Lastly, some wild-looking floral arrangements and some vintage camping gear rounded out the decor.

camping birthday theme

Upon arrival to Camp Ariviva, little guests (aka “campers”) checked in at “registration” and received a favor bag with a scavenger hunt card and “eye spy” game card inside, a pencil to write their name on the bag and then they chose a tool for helping them with their hunt: either binoculars, a magnifying glass or a flashlight. Many of the campers started their hunts immediately and used their tools to find the different items on their lists.

A small tent with camping gear was also setup near the party along with lots of sporting equipment (soccer ball, football, croquet set, and bean bag game). Some of the campers also brought their fishing poles. In addition to these activities, there was also an arts and crafts table with Camp Ariviva coloring book pages, paint-your-own car, birdhouse or peg person project and a god’s eye project. The arts and crafts were a huge hit! Lots of nicely painted birdhouses and cars were made!

camping party decorations

Food included hot dogs, brats and grilled veggies made on the shelter’s grill. We also had fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, pasta salad, watermelon, chips, popcorn, and fruit salad. Additional food fair were “Fruit Arrows”  and were a huge hit as well (literally!). They were made by poking fruit onto wooden skewers with flags at the end and were displayed in a wooden board painted like a bullseye. Their were also a bunch of desserts, including S’mores bars, assorted cupcakes, peach and apple hand pies and we even had a S’mores station so little campers could safely make their own S’more!

camping party ideas

The birthday girls (sisters Aria and Vivian) had the best time at their party. Aria (who turned 4) spent most of the day playing with fellow campers while Vivian (who turned 1) spent most of her time eating the yummy food. It was such a fun day at Summer Camp for everyone!

camping party ideas

“Not all those who wander are lost” ~J. R. R. Tolkien

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