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This “April Showers Bring May Flowers” themed party for Maddie’s 3rd birthday in May of 2020 was bittersweet. Bitter was there were no guests because it was during the shutdown/things were still unknown and scary out there part of the Pandemic. Sweet because Maddie still was having a birthday so I was not going to just phone things in because of the change in plans– she still deserved and amazing party (even if it was just the 6 of us). My friend Marriam (of Flour & Flowers by MK) still made her cake– and boy, was it an amazing cake. She also made yummy raindrop cookies for me. Sadly, photos are my me instead of Jenny since it was a time we were shutdown.

I was able to sew Maddie’s floral dress and MK used it as inspiration for her cake, a style which I asked her to do based on the style of a UK baker I follow on Instagram. She nailed it! The arch was amazing– a collage of balloons, umbrellas, raindrops, and banners. It was magical and we kept it up in our livingroom for over a month–and it brought us joy every day. Most importantly, my birthday girl Maddie loved everything and felt special as she should on her big day. Yay for small joys during the Pandemic!

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