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This beautiful travel-themed baby shower was for one of my past wedding couples (also travel enthusiasts themselves) who were blessed with a baby boy on the way. The mom-to-be’s sister planned this beautiful shower and included me from the beginning so I could help with flowers and decorations. I was able to provide maps, luggage, globes, balloon arch, paper planes, zeppelins and hot air balloons and flowers for this fabulous fĂȘte and the sisters, cousins, moms and aunties did the rest! I loved their seating chart and cake!

You would never guess this party happened on one of the COLDEST days of the year! It looks so warm and inviting inside the space (Cafe La Cave).

I finally got to work with a photographer (Lori Sapio) whose work I’ve been admiring for years–(albeit we still have never met in person since she came after I setup)–nevertheless, I did get back these beautiful photos from the event, so I technically worked with her finally! Lol.

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