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Of course Jennifer Kaye has to be a part of all of our birthdays, even if she does it purely as a favor to me (sorry Jenny!). This Boho Two Wild birthday party for Maddie at our house (in 2019) was no exception.

I went all out for this boho birthday brunch for my youngest babe. My girl Marriam of Flour & Flowers by MK killed it on the succulent cake, meringues and mousse cups. My friend Hillary helped guests make dream catchers which was awesome of her. I made the succulent cupcakes and they turned out awesome! Donut wall was a huge hit as was the rest of the brunch food. I loved making layered backdrop with balloons and the balloon dreamcatcher sign too! The illustrations I made for the invitation were also used on the game cards and as decorations and I made some cool cardboard cacti as well! LOVED this bright boho brunch!!!

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