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Josh is a HUGE Matrix fan and knew he wanted to celebrate is 32nd birthday in full Matrix style! After seeing the amazing Sky Lounge atop his chic Chicago apartment complex– he knew it was the perfect space for his fête.

After re-watching the Matrix, my head was filled with ideas for decor including glowing “red pill/blue pill” centerpieces, a sentinel-inspired entryway piece, and some epic balloon balloon installations with falling code banners.

Josh found an amazing caterer in Lime Light Catering, who loved the theme and planned a menu with the Matrix in mind.

Josh’s friends got him a Matrix-themed cake and all of the desserts and drinks were themed as well– it was all so perfectly coordinated to our very cool theme.

Guests were asked to dress in black or white (and they came in style!) and were greeted by signs to “follow the white rabbit” when they entered the space.

Old computer parts, wires, and lights accented centerpieces throughout the space. A large floral showpiece sat next to our “white rabbit” and Jelly Bellies were presented as a choice the guests had to make– to take the red pill or the blue pill (one of many Matrix references made that evening!) Signs with Josh’s favorite Matrix quotes were scattered around the room. Signature drinks, wine, mixed drinks and beer were served at the bar, which was flanked with glowing blue and red “pill” centerpieces.

Food included an amazing Poké bar, chicken & waffles and other tasty items. The desserts were served along with cake at the end of the night and all were presented with Matrix flair.

Green, black and metallic balloons were used along with falling code that I designed for a photobooth backdrop area and to accent the column in the middle of the room. Designing the falling code was a challenging but fun project to undertake!

Josh’s friend Johnny was flown in from California to DJ and pumped the venue with lots of pulsing house music and it felt very futuristic and really set a cool vibe. Guests danced the night away before ending the night at Josh’s apartment for the epic afterparty.

I was so happy to be a party of Josh’s 2^5 birthday in the Matrix. He and his guests had the best time, it was such a unique and fun party to produce and it makes me excited for the 4th Matrix movie that comes out in December (12-22-21).


Planning, Balloons, Flowers, Decor: Kio Kreations

Photography: Ryan Moore Photography

Catering: Lime Light Catering

Venue: 727 Sky Lounge at 727 West Madison (Chicago, IL)

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