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Even though only two years old, Emma doesn’t shy away from Grimm fairytales– she loves them! Her mom decided that these dark fairytales would be the perfect theme for her fall birthday party–taking Emma and guests alike into the Enchanted Forest for her fairytale 2nd birthday.

The venue was perfect, we were literally in the woods at the Meadowhawk Lodge at Hoover Forest Preserve in Yorkville, Illinois. Directional signs pointed guests to the beanstalk, playhouses and sweet treats that awaited them inside the event space.

Yummy forest-y food was served included adorable “Jarcuteries” and Bento boxes made by mom Stephanie, some tasty BBQ sandwiches (brisket and pulled pork) and Mac N’ Cheese that were catered and some Three Little Pigs in a blanket which I baked up during the party so they were nice and toasty!

The sweets table was epic and included an amazing cake, acorns, decorated sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, magic beans, golden goose eggs, happy trails mix, pinwheel cookies, Three Bear-y Pie, black forest cake pops and chocolate leaf lollipop favors. The cake, which requires mentioning all on its own, was decorated to look just like the custom invitations. The characters were expertly painted with food coloring on fondant and perfectly placed into the woodsy environment created on the cake. A tiny house was fashioned along with pretzel + chocolate trees to top the cake. It was just FABULOUS and like no cake that ever came before it!

Activities included horseback riding, storytime, puppet play, two awesome playhouses, a squirrel game, activity tables, fairytale puzzles, coloring pages, bubbles and a nature hike! The birthday girl’s big sis even found a praying mantis while playing outdoors. It was so awesome!

Favors included hand-picked book collections for each family and chocolate leaf lollipops from a favorite local chocolate shop.

Decorations included a huge beanstalk that covered the pole in the middle of the room, a reading nook nestled amongst a large jewel-toned balloon forest backdrop, two playhouses (one of which was decorated with candy!), centerpieces with tree-like branches, foliage garlands, wood slices, picnic baskets and character cutouts.

Emma and her sister Sophia adorably dressed the parts of Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks. They fit perfectly among the fallen leaves and woodsy decor. It was like a real-life fairytale had come to life!

I loved doing this amazing party for Emma + her family. She had such a wonderful time and it was just such a special day!

Planner, Florist, Balloons, Signage, Photography — Us, Kio Kreations/Kio and Kompany
Cake + Sweets Table — Flour & Flowers by MK
Venue — Hoover Forest Preserve, Meadowhawk Lodge in Yorkville, Illinois
Caterer — Stonejug BBQ
Favors — Graham’s Chocolates
Storyteller, Jarcuterie and Bento box maker, Candy House maker — Mom of birthday girl (Stephanie)

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