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My middle daughter Vivian loves Pusheen! We decided Pusheen would be the perfect theme for 8th birthday party. Pastels + grays and taupes were the perfect palette to capture this cute kitty.

We took a lot of our party inspiration from the “Pusheen Snack Parlour” at UK-based Artbox Cafe. I tried to match the fonts and do similar colors and vibes for our home-based party.
I made some pink and white striped awnings for over a doorway, on the favor wall and over the sweets table. I added balloons all over the space, created custom coloring page table covers and table linens. I also created some “Pusheen-face” balloons and “outlined” the 8 and swirl balloons with 260 balloons to create a cartoon-vibe on those. Pink and blue with white, taupe and gray were the main colors.

6 guests arrived to the party and got to enjoy mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese bites, veggies in dip, parfaits, popcorn, kettle chips, brownie bites, chocolate chip cookies, and donuts.
Flour & Flowers by MK made an amazing “cartoon-style” Pusheen cake for us and Just Breathe Custom Cookies made us some awesome Pusheen sugar cookie favors.

The guests also got scrunchie favors, they created their own Pusheen painting and they decorated mini tiered cakes and filled bags with candy from the sweets table. They also played the Pusheen PURRFECT PICK game which was great fun!

I love making these special parties for my girls– so happy with how this one turned out! All of the girls had a great time and Vivian said it was her best birthday yet!

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