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Sophia (like most kids) LOVES Squishmallows so her mom thought it would be a great theme for her 6th birthday party.

Squishmallows are so cute, colorful and cuddly and we used them all over the space! The larger ones served as pillows on the couches and the smaller ones became table accents and favors. I even designed a large cut-out Squishmallow for the backdrop and even found Squishmallow themed foil balloons as well!

Guests were greeted with a custom door sign and then a welcome poster that listed all of Sophia’s favorite things. In the livingroom, we had a large, colorful Squish-themed backdrop covered in balloons and fringe. A donut and bagel wall was also decorated with balloons and fanciful floral arrangements filled the space. Custom linens accented tables indoors and out. Outside, mom Stephanie set a low table setup with pillow seats for the girls to eat + play at. Floral arrangements and small squishmallows sat atop a colorful table runner during brunch. After brunch, the girls played Squish BINGO and coloring on a giant custom Squish table cover. All of the kids punched for a prize and got tiny Squishmallows as well as the coolest favor bags filled with loads of fun items! They also had two bounce houses too! There were so many fun things to do!

This birthday brunch included all of the traditional breakfast foods like eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, sausage and bacon PLUS a bagel + donut wall, fresh fruit, cake pops, mousse cups, pavlovas, cookies, and of course, a Squishmallow cake. Orange juice, lemonade, milk and water were served as well. Every guest also got a custom Squishmallow-themed cookie to take home (or eat immediately–their choice!) and mom Stephanie even made the gift-opening at the end of the party into a fun game! Everyone, (especially birthday girl Sophia), had the best time and I am so glad I could help make this such a special party!

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