If you need to get in touch, we can be reached by email at kristen(at)kiokreations(dot)com, by phone at 630.862.5486 or through our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are looking to hire us for an event, the first step is to email us first so we can ensure we are available the date of your event. If we are available on the date your need, we offer lot of creative services, many of which are outlined on our Kio Kreations website and some can be found on our PLAN A PARTY page.

The Kio & Kompany branch our business focuses mainly on kids’ parties and other fun projects centered around families and children. General graphic design inquiries, corporate events, fundraisers, dinner parties, company parties, product launches, anniversary parties and other more adult-focused requests all filter through our parent company, Kio Kreations.

This all might sound fancy and overly complicated but really its still all me doing the work regardless of where your project ends up. The separation of the two entities is more for branding purposes–for instance, our corporate clients don’t need an invoice with a cartoon fox on it to submit to the accounting department meanwhile our kids’ parties are fun and bright and joyful and the party animal fox fits right in. Basically it is like Kio Kreations is for parents and Kio & Kompany is for kids (and some adults that just don’t take things too seriously). If you aren’t sure where your project fits in to the mix, just email us (they all go to the same inbox) and I will let you know!