Welcome to the Kio and Kompany website! Kio and Kompany is an offshoot of Kio Kreations and my happy place & creative space showcasing my favorite parties, art I’ve made and other creative projects. Kio and Kompany is named after me and my three daughters: I’m “Kio” (also known as Kristen) and my beautiful daughters are Aria, Vivian and Madelyn (Maddie) make up the “Kompany” part of the name. My girls inspire me every day, so they have become part of my creative process.

Our parent company, Kio Kreations, is a successful, top-rated, event business specializing in unique designs and one-of-a-kind events. I started Kio almost 18 years ago as an event florist that mainly focused on weddings with some random creative projects here and there. When the pandemic hit events were canceled and the ‘random creative projects’ were no longer random and have now become my focus of my business. Designing cool things for corporate events, bridal showers, baby showers, milestone birthdays, store openings, holiday parties, dinner parties, rehearsal dinners and really any other kind of event you can think of is what we love to do. I have been doing floral design professionally for over 26 years and have a BFA in Illustration. So in addition to planning parties and creating unique floral and balloon decorations, I also can create original artwork and design stationery as well.

Birthday parties for kids are probably my most favorite thing to design for. I often get to help plan the entire event, from theme to favor to flowers to balloons to food to activities– so it really allows my creative juices to flow! I have shared many of my favorite kids’ parties on here. Please go check them out!

I can also happily report that I am in the midst of writing and illustrating my first children’s book with my writing partner Amanda who co-publishes the Baking Besties website and social media pages with me. It will feature 2 of our daughters as the main characters, a beautiful story of friendship and some other surprises as well.

I look forward to sharing more of my story, projects and parties on my Kio + Kompany page!

xo, Kio